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I have been looking into the benefits of thyme and thyme blossoms. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with how many incredible health benefits it has! Thyme is antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiparasitic. It can be used as a mouthwash to fight gingivitis, or as a tea to fight coughs and bronchitis. There are also lots of vitamins and minerals that thyme contains in addition to powerful antioxidants. Thyme helps to increase the body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses, and is helpful for digestion and the immune system.

thyme blossoms in pot next to porch

That being said, thyme blossoms are the gorgeous little purple flowers that bloom on the ends of a mature thyme plant. It’s highly aromatic and a little bit less pungent than the actual thyme plant alone, so it makes a great pairing for sweet things like tea and lemonade.

Thyme Blossom Tea with Lemon Balm

pretty thyme blossoms in a glass tea pot

To make thyme blossom tea, simply boil water and pour it over your thyme blossom leaves. You can also add in other medicinal herbs like lemon balm and mint for a bright yet earthy flavor. After steeping the leaves in hot water ofr 5-10 minutes, remove the leaves from the tea if desired and serve hot or iced. Enjoy! For a more dynamic flavor, add in Spring Sweetness tea to bring in some notes of vanilla, lavender, and rose petals.

Delicious Thyme Blossom Herbal Lemonade

glass of thyme blossom lemonade with thyme blossom sprig on top

Thyme blossom lemonade is just as simple as the thyme blossom tea. It’s a wonderful drink to use as a base for a drink station at your next outdoor party or get together. Once you’ve prepared your tea, add in your lemon juice and sweetener of choice (sourwood honey or organic cane sugar are great) and top it off with some more water until you reach your desired flavor. Then just pop it in the fridge or add ice cubes to a fun glass and enjoy. It’s the perfect drink for a lovely spring or summer day!

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