Saint Basil Teas combines my love of both natural healing remedies
& the soothing comfort one derives from a hot cup of tea.

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Saint Basil Teas sources 100% pure, organic, non-GMO, fair trade herbs and teas whenever possible.
We never use any artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals in our teas.
We care deeply about every step of the process and ensure the highest quality ingredients in our small-batch, loose leaf teas.

The Story Behind Saint Basil Teas

Growing up, my mom kept a goldenseal and echinacea tincture in the fridge and was always interested in the best nutritional drinks to help you feel your best. She made us hot tea with lemon and honey when we were sick or even just as a treat. Years later, I followed suit in the health and food industry by working for a local, organic apple farm as my first official high school job.

Fast forward a few more years, I worked at a high afternoon tea room in my hometown. We pampered (primarily) ladies by lavishing them with an extravagant afternoon tea experience. We even gave them warm scented towels to clean their hands with before the tea trays were presented! Overall, we a grand time there and I learned much about teas at that lovely little tea room.

Then in college, I become a team educator in the whole body/supplement department at Whole Foods Market. This was a huge milestone in learning so much more about homeopathic medicine, herbal remedies, tinctures, and syrups. I learned how to use wild plants to heal the body and reduce inflammation rather than taking an aspirin.

To top it all off, I found that herbal remedies could be used for just about any ailment! When I became a certified holistic nutritionist in 2020, I was finally able to recommend specific antidotes for complicated autoimmune issues that my clients were experiencing. In a matter of months, we saw reduction of their symptoms thanks to these modalities. For those of you who know my own health journey, you know that I also have experienced immense relief from these herbs and remedies.

Winter’s End Specialty Herbal Tea: The Fan Favorite!

I love the soothing comfort that a warm, woody tea brings. South African Rooibos is a wonderful, caffeine-free tea that has incredible health benefits (high mineral content, anti-inflammatory properties, and helps to control blood sugar and and fight free radicals). I’ve been drinking rooibos for years, but wanted to blend a tea that feels similar to chai but felt cozier and brighter. Winter’s End was my solution. I also love its versatility because it is an excellent replacement for apple cider and is also delicious as an iced tea. Overall, Winter’s End Specialty Herbal tea is a winner.

“Balanced as a Bluebird” Medicinal Herbal Tea

For years I have loved the brand Organic India teas. They specialize in holy basil tea, an adaptogenic herb that helps balance the body’s natural stress response. I have always seen the holy basil & ashwagandha combo on the grocery store shelves but had never tried that particular blend. Fast forward to 2023. My beloved grandpa passed away in November. My mind couldn’t stop racing and my heart rate became extremely erratic on a consistent basis. I had friends recommend ashwagandha to me before because it worked for them. I never took it when I was actually in a stressful situation so I didn’t think it helped. Well this time I was desperate and actually tried it…. guess what! It worked! Instantly, my mind was calm and I felt my body relax for the first time in a few weeks. I knew I had to learn how to make my own adaptogenic tea rather than relying on another company to make it (although huge shout out to Organic India that first introduced me to Holy Basil). I added cornflowers for its slightly antibiotic and liver-supporting properties that also help with digestion. Thus, “Balanced as a Bluebird” was born.

“Spring Sweetness” Specialty Tea

Spring Sweetness Specialty tea is absolutely a tea we would have served at the high tea room I worked at in California. They had an entire menu of flavored black teas that delighted the palate with their intense flavors. For some of the blends, you almost felt like you were drinking a whole meal or candy bar! I would spend any free time I got opening the loose leaf tea jars and breathing in the deep, rich scents that I knew would be captivating our customers. That’s why I wanted to create a tea for my own line that felt comforting yet bright, with simple ingredients yet complex and that has depth to it. Additionally, I wanted my specialty tea to have medicinal benefits, which is why I handpicked which flowers and flavors would provide the most nutrients, be anti-inflammatory, and relieve anxiety without compromising on flavor.