Rays of Beauty and Sunshine in a Dark World

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I’m not saying anything new. It’s what we all know: life isn’t what we expect.


Expectations are the things we think will be better, easier, faster, happier, or more fulfilling. Or, for low expectations, they are the things we dread, fear, or assume everything is going to result in ashes. In both cases, emptiness is what we find when we look at expectation’s core. When hope is placed in the expectation, there we will see the futility of those expectations. And yet it’s those very expectations, hopes, goals, and dreams that are the fuel we often use to seek out the best life we know how to live. Ironic.

It’s difficult to put into words just how hard some things are. We each have battles we are facing that have few words. They just are. They are situations that, regardless of whether or not we have “let go of control” or “tried to make the best out of it,” are just hard. Or sad. Or annoying (an understatement of a word to describe some life… things). And maybe hopeless by the world’s standards.

Everything won’t always be the perfect set of conditions to “live your best life.” On the contrary, maybe the hardships actually are part of the best life if we choose to let them be. If. we. choose. to. let. them. be.

So I offer you not answers, but beauty. Please watch this.

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