Attainities: My List of Goals

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I’ve been MIA for a while on social platforms, and a big reason is because I’ve been trying to enjoy daily life and find joys in “today” every day. It’s been harder than one would think on some days, and on other days, it’s totally attainable. Regardless, I’ve compiled a list, as well as made up a new word! to describe some of my more character-related goals and hopes for this year, 2021.

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Note: keep in mind that some of these goals will be quite specific to an enneagram 1 personality, the Idealist/the Reformer/the Advocate (1w2). Many of you reading may not share the same feelings such as fighting your inner critic.


noun. synonym: attainables

A list of goals that is created with the intention of actively working towards them, so as to attain the goals actually listed.


I want to see the world through bigger eyes.

I want to experience life and vitality no matter what I choose to do.

I want to laugh and find my joy through the pain, the hurt, and the suffering.

I want to be strong and healthy and not have to doubt myself and my body’s abilities.

I want to like myself.

I want to enjoy every season and all it has to offer.

I want to believe, live, and speak out my gut feelings more.

I want to make more personal decisions and not care if they’re “right” or “wrong” to my inner critic. I want to do them because I like them.

I want to wake up every morning and see that God’s life is already swirling around all things and energizing His world. May I take part instead of timidly refraining.

May I use every moment well, not carelessly or wishing I was doing something else.

May I do what I need to and want to do, and say no to anything that is not for me within the boundaries.

May you be inspired to write your own.

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