Poem Series: Covid-19

Save for Later!

I’ve not been much of a poem writer in the past, but I decided I’d give it a go. In California, we are now on week two of “shelter in place,” which is a policy that mandates all California residents to leave our houses only for necessities like groceries, gas, and take-out meals. Everything else, sit-down restaurants, retail stores, gyms, theaters, coffee shops, are basically all closed. It feels a little chaotic, and yet also serene. On the one hand, I’ve watched more people go on walks and bike rides than ever before. On the other hand, we have yet to see the worst of the spread of COVID-19. Practically speaking, it’s a weird combination of now having plenty of time that we all wish we had when we were busy, but also growing bored of the restricted living and unknowns as the days pass on. It’s for this reason I decided to write a poem about re-framing.

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